Condense Boiler Applications In Industry

Condense boilers are heaters that are fueled by gas or fuel. These are also known as condensing water heaters. It produces water vapors by burning the oil or gas. This is manufactured to recover the energy it normally released to the air through flue. Condense boiler is more efficient than conventional boiler. It generates high energy then industrial boilers. Condense boiler converted back water vapors generated by the burning of gas or fuel into liquid water when it’s working on its maximum efficiency. The efficiency of the boiler is based on the air temperature and humidity. If incoming air is having the 100% humidity then boiler works at its maximum efficiency as it condense all the extra water generated by combustion. If the relative humidity falls it would decreases the efficiency of the boiler. Out dated technology also impacts the performance of Boiler. It may also cause its inefficiency.  Many boiler producers affirms that up dated condense boilers can achieve up-to 98% efficiency. On the other hand conventional boilers can only achieve up to 70-80% efficiency. Every industry is focused on increasing their productivity and in minimum expenses in order to achieve their profit goals. We are selling the best quality or up to dated condense boilers in town that are in efficiency and consume minimum energy. Keeping in view the Australian environment standards we are selling the best environment friendly condense boilers in town. Our first priority is to provide you a quality energy saving condense boiler in reasonable prices. Why conventional boiler has outdated?

Conventional boilers are not environment friendly and they consumes huge amount of energy.  Condense boilers are very difficult to operate as compare to traditional boiler because it have more technicalities in operating but we have more competent and experienced staff that will set up your condense boiler and provide you proper guidelines to operate it. It provides maximum output in minimum resources.

Major differences between condensing & conventional boilers:  

Condensing boilers are having one or more larger heat exchangers but conventional boilers are having only one heat exchanger. Condense boiler are having lower temperature in combusting products but conventional boilers are having high temperature in combusting products. Emitted gas is recycled via condense heat exchanger in condense boiler but conventional boiler combusted it wastes 30% heat. Condense boiler are highly environment friendly and convention emits huge amount of carbon dioxide that polluted atmosphere. Condense boiler are very cost effective in long run but electric radiant heater are less cheap initially but highly expensive in long run. Conventional boilers consumes huge amount of energy and provides less results. Government bodies also forces to use condense boilers. Furthermore, please visit our website for better assistance. Here you go


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