How To Keep Your House Clean

The windows and walls should seal properly so that no moisture enters into the house. You may experience high electricity bills if cool air keeps leaking in which will make the heating systems overwork. Look for cracks in walls as these could aggravate and bring serious accidents and collapses. Termites could be eating off your walls so look into that too.

Cleaning is one of the most hated chores by everyone. However, a clean house is essential to maintain a disease-free environment and also for good mental health. It is always peaceful to walk into a clean and tidy house after a tiring day’s work rather than walking in to an unmade bed, a sink full of dishes or a sofa covered in clothes. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious task that takes a lot of time. So here are some ways to easily keep your house clean.

Avoid unwanted clutter

Humans by nature find it hard to let go and hence you might still have your high school books, old clothes, boxes of broken toys etc. that you seem to not be able to move on from. The first step of cleaning is to remove all of this unwanted stuff so that your home does not seem untidy and congested. Make it a habit to do rounds at the end of each week and remove any unwanted items. For example outdated mail, bills, newspapers, shopping bags that are lying around etc. can be thrown away. Pick up stuff off the floor as the more visible the floor space, the bigger the place looks. If you have a pile of clothes and books lying around, take a few minutes to sort them and give them up for charity. This way, you won’t have to call pest control.

Keep the kitchen clean

The kitchen deals with food and hence it should be one of the cleanest areas of your home. If you leave food around, it will attract cockroaches spiders, mice and other rodents that would spread harmful disease. Hence at the end of the day we need to ensure the kitchen is extremely clean.  Wash all dishes before you go to bed, wipe all surfaces with spray and cloth, clean the microwave and oven to ensure no food particles are left inside, sweep the floor and also do not forget to clean the cabinet knobs, kettle handle, fridge door etc. If you make this a practice every night, automatically the kitchen will be kept clean everyday.

Do the laundry every day

Most people keep the laundry to be done at the end of the week however doing a huge pile could be tiring. Hence, do small amounts of laundry every day, fold them and keep them away. This way your clothes won’t pile up on a chair and also you have clean clothes whenever you need them. Ensure that you wipe the machine after every use to prevent germs and dirt. Sweep or mop the laundry floor since there could be water spilt.


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